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WRO Services

Comprehensive Support for Shelter, Healthcare, Mental Health, Employment, and More

Shelter Assistance:

Providing support for family shelters, men’s shelter, and women’s shelter to help those in need find safe and stable living arrangements.

Free Medical Consultations:

Offering free medical consultations to ensure access to essential healthcare services for everyone.

Free Mental Health Consultation:

Providing free mental health consultations to promote emotional well-being and offer support.

New York State Public Assistance:

Assisting individuals in navigating and accessing public assistance programs in New York State.

Mental Health Crisis Support:

Offering Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) and Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) for those facing mental health crises.

Mobile Outreach Programs:

Collaborating with Mobile Crisis Behavior Health Specialists and the Department of Care Management to provide on-the-go support to those in need.

Prescribed Medications and Mental Health Counseling:

Assisting individuals in accessing prescribed medications and mental health counseling and therapy services.

Job Fairs and Workshops:

Organizing job fairs and workshops to empower individuals with opportunities for career growth and employment.

NYS Department of Social Services/ Department Of Labor:

Working closely with these departments to support individuals with social services and employment-related needs.

Family Assistance and Donations:

Providing assistance to families in need and distributing donations to support their well-being.

Immigration Support:

Offering support and guidance to individuals navigating the immigration process.

Support For Veterans:

Providing comprehensive assistance and resources to honor and empower our nation’s veterans, helping them transition to civilian life with dignity and support.

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